Tu/Th 5:00–6:20 | section FIVE | intro to graphic design | Renée Stevens

Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse T-Shirt

This shirt was designed by Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton. My friend Dan is really into fashion and actually has this exact shirt and I think that aside from the vibrant colors, the type is definitely the most distinctive element to the shirt. The lettering appears all over the place but is actually very well organized. The three words repeated,”Louis”, “Vuitton” and “Paris”, come in varying shapes, sizes and directions to pop out and grab your attention. From afar, this shirt catches your attention but keeps you interested in finding out what it says. I like the kind of bold lettering that has a hand-drawn feel to it. Almost as if someone took a pink brush to a black canvas and said, “Enjoy.” Dan likes the shirt and I would too, just maybe if it was a little bit more in my price range.


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