Tu/Th 5:00–6:20 | section FIVE | intro to graphic design | Renée Stevens

Of the assigned reading, I found the exercise for space and meaning on pages 106 and 107 the most intriguing. In these graphics, the artists expressed the meaning of the word through spacing, sizing and placement. By using new and unexpected ideas, this experiment inspired me to think of my resume word mark in a new light. In the experiment using the word “elimination,” the artist carefully manipulated the letter “t” to look like it is falling down the page. The placement of the word in the upper left corner creates drama for these tumbling letters. Even though the artist plays with spacing, the word is still readable. The same is true for the graphic by Jason Hogg which depicts the word “immigration.” Hogg uniquely spreads the word across the page diagonally, allowing for the word to still be understood.


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