Tu/Th 5:00–6:20 | section FIVE | intro to graphic design | Renée Stevens

Reading Response

Prior to this class I had little knowledge of typeface and its importance. In the assigned reading I was most interested in the section explaining the anatomy of type (pg 36). The reading dissects the type using terms such as x-height, which is defined as “the height of the main body of a lowercase letter.” Baseline, stem, and bowl are some other terms. The reading emphasizes how the book’s purpose is not solely about fonts, but how to USE fonts/typefaces to convey different meanings to the reader(s). Knowing that the x-height of a letter changes between different typefaces can help me make a correct decision when deciding which typeface to use, especially if space is limited.

The reading also discussed the importance of color and design, not just the typeface/font. The image on page 64 uses bright colors and a ‘flowy’ design, which is appealing to the reader’s eye. The reader becomes curious and likes what he or she is looking at. Also, on page 201-103, the author mentions the significance of space, size, and placement – sometimes its a good idea to project the meaning of the word directly in the word, especially for those readers that are visual learners.


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