Tu/Th 5:00–6:20 | section FIVE | intro to graphic design | Renée Stevens

Reading Response

I found the reading very interesting and I learned a lot of things about typography that I hadn’t known before (not a surprise since I knew nothing about it going into this class). For example, the section on tracking and letterspacing was something I could definitely see being useful when I work on future projects. This is when tracking across a word, line, or an entire block of text is expanded in order to create a more open, airy field. As I was doing the reading, I found myself thinking back to advertisements and other texts and I had seen in the past that had used this same technique. I was also intrigued by the explanations of line spacing and leading. Before I took this class and read the textbook, I never realized how much work and thought went into typography.  Now I know that it isn’t just a matter of just randomly picking a font typeface. Typography is actually an essential tool to the media and can even be considered as a form of art.


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