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Sirius and XM radio has recently combined their logos into one. However, in doing so they made it much more bland and monotonous. Sirius is known for their logo which is of a starry eyed dog. Now the logo simply says Sirius XM. They got rid of the dog. Further, the first two logos were light blue and black. In the new logo the light blue remains yet instead of black it is navy blue.


final logo

this is my final logo

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A lawyer based in Cape Town, Africa is creating a campaign called “Rock Girl” in order to bring awareness to the horrifying statistic of women being raped. In order to do this, she wants to plant benches all throughout the town that offer “real and symbolic respite from anxiety”. India Baird who thought of this campaign, liked the concept of eyes on the benches in order to give comfort to women; to say people are always watching and will be there to help- helping out the community as well as hands to signify “caution and healing”. With the assistance of city officials, she hopes for additional benches to be distributed through sponsorship.


-Kayla Kaplan


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This article in the New York Times discusses a new exhibit at the La Triennale Design Museum in Milan. 30 different graphic designers came and created pieces to be placed in the museum. They showed how their pieces could work in everyday life and want viewers to interpret their works in their own way. There is a total of 46 pieces and this show is sure to be placed aside as one of the more unique exhibits found in Milan today.



Final Identity System

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Identity Project

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