Tu/Th 5:00–6:20 | section FIVE | intro to graphic design | Renée Stevens

Below is an article I found on http://www.gdusa.com. It is about Thomas Dooley designing a new package design for condoms. He wanted something trendy and stylish. This project was for a for-profit business and for every condom bought one will be donated. This design idea is also going to be used to educate consumers about the cost of child raising, diapers to college, stroller to minivan, etc.

“TDA Advertising & Design sought a mix of “hip” and “regal” design for the packaging and a website for Sir Richard’s Condom Co. Sir Richard’s is a for-profit business with philanthropic goals founded last year by TDA and equity partners. The creative team, led by Creative Director Thomas Dooley, Creative Director/ Copywriter Jonathan Schoenberg and Designer Austin O’Connor, wanted to create a hip package aimed at style-conscious, cost-conscious and cause conscious consumers. An outdoor and point-of-sale campaign reminds consumers of the costs of childraising, diapers to college, stroller to minivan. Stickers on the condom packages show the savings each box represents compared to some child necessity. And for every condom bought in the US, another will be donated in a developing nation, beginning with Haiti.”



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