Tu/Th 5:00–6:20 | section FIVE | intro to graphic design | Renée Stevens

Bad/Good Sites

Bad: hossana1.com

I found this site on websitesthatsuck.com and this is a comment someone left: “Holy atomic pile of crap, Batman! We have seen a lot of websites over the years but not many come close to being more of a mess than this.”

Not only is this site very cheezy and all the colors clash but the function is not direct. There are random buttterflies flyimg everywhere, there is no clear navigation bar, the muisc is horrible and there is too muh text and it is hard to read. It talks about dogs and then mentions a car show? I am very confused and lost with no focus, direction or purpose.

Good: Geico.com

I went directly to this site because I assumed that being such a huge company it must have an organized and well thought out site.

It has a clear navigation bar ,search bar, side bar and easy to see- direct buttons for specific and popular requests like “motorcycle insurance” or “car insurance.” This is helpful because it goes directly to the  page you want and you do not have to go searching for it. The plane white background make it easy to see and read. There is not too much text or images and is very well balanced.


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