Tu/Th 5:00–6:20 | section FIVE | intro to graphic design | Renée Stevens

As an advertising major, Nike is always one of my favorite sources of inspiration. Nike just launched their first collection aimed directly at the surf market. The website for the line of sunglasses really captures the essence of their target. The main page first reads “Four friends, a sunny day in june, at the end of the semester…” which leads into a vintage style film reel showing friends surfing, playing guitar on the beach, etc. The navigation bar on the right side lists hours of the day. These times link to activities such as “Surf and Sand,” which are accompanied by poetic descriptions, a featured pair of glasses, and a Polaroid of the glasses on a model. I like that the navigation of the website revolves around a story that captures the essence of a surfer’s style. However, the design is a bit too big for the window and you have to scroll the see the whole image. This detracts from the experience and could be easily fixed.

This is the website for the non-profit organization that I intern with: The Syracuse Peace Council. When I was preparing to interview with them, I really wasn’t sure what they do because their website is so inconsistent and unorganized. There really is no design concept behind the homepage, which uses at least 6 different typefaces, random clipart/word art, and a color scheme using purple, white, orange, cream, yellow, green, grey, red, and blue. The content on the homepage, a list of upcoming events, isn’t optimal for viewers who might not be familiar with the Peace Council. The navigation is the worst though: 28 links with absolutely no hierarchy. Some links are repetitive and confusing, like “online video” versus “YouTube,” and others link to outdated information, like announcements for events that happened 3 years ago. The linked pages have completely inconsistent designs/color schemes. They even feature three different logos throughout the site for their organization. The site as a whole is extremely confusing and unprofessional, which is unfortunate because it represents an influential organization with a strong history and reputation. As I redesign this site, I want to create a logical source of navigation and an engaging homepage that represents the organization’s spirit.


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