Tu/Th 5:00–6:20 | section FIVE | intro to graphic design | Renée Stevens

End of year

If anyone ever comes across my Twitter feed (@zilinliang), you will see there are traces of graphics nerdiness.

“You know you’re becoming a graphics nerd when you get offended that someone accused you of using #timesnewroman

I’ve always been frustrated at the limited creative expression possible on software like Microsoft Word when making a poster or flier. The best thing I’ve taken away from this class are the technical skills I’ve acquired with each completed assignment. Sure, I’ve always known about grids and that breaking them could mean a disastrous design and that Comic Sans is a terrible typeface to use if you want to be taken seriously. But being able to apply this knowledge to design is so satisfying.

While there are rules to design, they are much less restricting than Microsoft Word.


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