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I drive a Toyota Prius, and I noticed that the text for “Toyota” is in Helvetica.



Comic Sans

This type-based, interactive site tells you the history of comic sans, and why people began using it in the most inappropriate places. Hope you enjoy!

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Found Type – Anthropologie

I liked the typography in this logo because it was simple and pretty. The typeface and font were subtle and matched what the store stands for.  Anthropologie is a retail store that sells clothes and home accessories. The style of the store is light, floral, and airy. I like how the lettering looks antique, but also bold since it is all uppercase. The spacing of the letters also makes the logo look simple and not cluttered or too harsh.


polaroid salvation!














I came across the IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT while on another blog and was stopped dead in my tracks. Not only is there a fantastic blog with tutorials attached to the website but…um…well….I discovered that some great souls out there wouldn’t stand for Polaroid discontinuing their instant film and decided to take a stand! A hugely creative, beautiful and successful one at that, too.

Not only did I love what this project was doing but I loved the understated and simple feel of their site, blog and event posters.  Elaborate innovation and creativity can be mind boggle-ing brilliant and hard to produce, but sometimes what is most simple and leaves the most space for the viewer to feel for an experience is the barest of design.  This I know is not hard to come by.  It seems to me that there is a huge difference between amateur looking work and clean design that is still new, fresh and unique in its own right > the latter being sometimes as difficult to come by as something that you let your imagination run wild on.

In any case, simplicity FTW.


I found this surfing the web on my free time and I think it embodies what I’m about. I like to sit back and relax with friends on my free time. It doesn’t have to be “in my own paradise,” but anywhere at anytime. I also liked this design because of the serif typeface. I feel like the serifs make typefaces look better and smoother.


Music is a very large component of my life, you will always find my listening or singing to music so I found this to be very interesting.  I like how the artist integrated musical components like speakers and a stereo as a background to the word “music”.  I also like how the artist blends the word to its background by using similar colors, and how the angle of the word makes it jump out and even creates a presence in the art.

I found this drawing very interesting.  I like how the artist incorporated typography into drawings.  For example, how he wrote bread on a loaf of bread, milk into the shape of a cow, sugar into sugar cubes, etc.  I found it very artistic, eye-catching, and definitely unique.  It is definitely a new and exciting way of writing out your grocery list.



guy type

I found this picture on stumble and thought it was really cool how the colors change top to bottom and the face is made out of words. The colors make the picture pop and its not about the words and more about the image that it all makes- this serious yet confident look with one eye brow arched.