Tu/Th 5:00–6:20 | section FIVE | intro to graphic design | Renée Stevens

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Extra-credit opportunity

Here is an opportunity for you to get some extra credit, if you go to part or all of this event, submit a response to me of 5 things that you learned or that impacted you:

If you would like to attend: Please register for the event at http://bit.ly/sndsyracuse

SND Syracuse Student Symposium
Friday, Feb. 4, 2011
Room 250, Newhouse 3

What We Can Learn from SND Best of Newspaper Design Competition
Ever wonder why the judges choose what they choose? Denise M. Reagan has had a front-row seat at the competition for the last eight years. She listens to the judges discuss their reasoning for what they give medals while she takes notes to appear in the annual. Find out how you can improve your work by understanding what made these pages winners.

What It’s Like to Be a Young Design Professional
Andrea Zagata is a recent grad with a kickass job designing for a major newspaper. It’s not by accident. Andrea has all sorts of advice for things like networking, applications and being awesome, and you know they worked because she got hired. She’ll also tell you what the real world is like. (Specifically as a young woman in a sports department, as that’s her current area of experitise.) Spoiler: It’s actually pretty sweet.

A Highly Opinionated Look At Sports Design
Tim Parks and Steve Cavendish have seen a lot of sports pages in their careers at some of the nation’s best newspapers (well, Steve anyway — Tim’s been working in Tulsa and Omaha, for crissakes). They’ll talk about what works, what doesn’t and how to know the difference.

If you would like to participate in the critiques, please send three PDFs or links to denisereagan@mac.com along with your name and short bio. We can critique print, Web or mobile design samples. You must send in samples beforehand to get an appointment.

You could win a free professional registration to the SND annual workshop in St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 29-Oct. 1 (a $495 value). Sign up at the beginning of the symposium and stay to the end to see if you win! The free registration is donated by Albert Lee of the Los Angeles Times, second place winner in the SND Photo Illo Throwdown.

Denise M. Reagan is the assistant managing editor for visuals at The Florida Times-Union and Jacksonville.com. She is an adjunct professor at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. Denise has a long history with the Society for News Design and is currently president of the SND Foundation. Previously, she worked at the Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale, the Savannah Morning News, the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, the Detroit Free Press and The News-Sentinel in Fort Wayne, Ind.
Andrea Zagata grew up in a tiny town in northern Michigan where she worked at her high school paper and took lots of art classes. Now, she’s the lead sports designer for The Detroit News. She attended college at Michigan State University where she was the design editor for The State News, the univerity’s independent student voice. After graduation she was a design intern at the Los Angeles Times before returning to Michigan to start her first full-time job. She’s 22 and her favorite thing in the world is her adopted dog, Freckles.
Steve Cavendish is a writer and editor/designer at the Chicago Tribune where he has variously held the positions of art director, graphics editor and presentation director. A 1993 graduate of Belmont University, he has worked at several other newspapers, including the San Jose Mercury News, the St. Petersburg Times and The Washington Post.
Tim Parks is deputy news and presentation editor at the Omaha World-Herald, where he has also served as assistant sports editor/presentation and lead sports designer. A 1992 graduate of Fort Hays State University, he was the 2009 SportsDesigner.com Sports Designer of the Year. He won five SND awards in 2009 and two in 2008, including a silver medal. He also has worked at the Tulsa World and The Oklahoman in Oklahoma City.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Graphic Design.

Design is everywhere. Look around, it’s there. After this class you won’t be able to go out to dinner and order your favorite dish without critiquing the typeface they use, their alignment, the white space. But I assure you, this is a good thing. Welcome and enjoy.