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I Want To Walk Like You, Talk Like You…

Nowadays most brands have celebrity endorsements. When thinking of celebrity testimonials, one brand comes to mind: Proactiv. This acne medication doesn’t just show scientific demonstrations of how the product works, they show celebrities using it. And I mean BIG celebrities. Wonder how Katy Perry keeps her skin clean and under control? Are you interested in Justin Bieber’s lack of acne? How does Dancing With The Stars dancer Julianne Hough keep her skin from breaking out? Well, you guessed it- Proactiv is THE solution. Most of these advertisements focus on celebrities that have used Proactiv and they discuss how it worked for them. Who would have thought this cheesy, annoying method would entice consumers enough to buy this product? Personally, my mind is boggled but as the leading acne system in the world, yes you read correctly: the whole world, they are hitting their target consumers hard. We live in a world in which people want to be exactly like their celebrity idols. By showing celebrities’ vulnerable side and struggles with acne, the target consumers feel more at ease and more like their celebrities. What celebrity will Proactiv have next…


Interface Final Project

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Final InterFace YUP

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Final Interface Project

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Final Interface

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Final Interface Design ;)

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