Tu/Th 5:00–6:20 | section FIVE | intro to graphic design | Renée Stevens

Resumé + Wordmark

PROJECT no.1: Wordmark + Resumé

>>  download .pdf file

What you should do
Do this in InDesign
Create an original wordmark based on your name or initials
Incorporate your wordmark into your resume
Fit everything on one page
Define custom margins for your resume
Align information vertically using custom tabs

What you shouldn’t do
Do this in Microsoft Word
Align information vertically using spaces
Use more than two typeface families, including the wordmark
Use novelty fonts or computer default fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Times, Courier, etc.
Use more than one color

Typefaces: Type conveys a sense of personality. Use a font with which you feel comfortable. Be careful with size.
Capitalization: Using all lower case letters says something different than all caps, small caps or u&lc. Decide which capitalization pattern you want to use.
Arrangement: Some patterns are difficult to read. Will the reader be able to read your name? Is it legible and clear?
Creativity: Consider interesting mixes of type and juxtapositions. Push the boundaries.
Position: Think about the wordmark’s position on the page; it doesn’t have to be at the top left page position — but it does need to communicate clearly and effectively.
Also, don’t make it too large and overwhelm the design.

Your name and complete school and/or permanent address with phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.
Work experience: Employment history can be in reverse  chronological order, including years (and months, especially for summer jobs) or you can list them in order of relevance.
Emphasize job responsibilities–make your experience clear.

Education and relevant coursework, Honors, awards,
activities, accomplishments, an objective.

Sketches due Tuesday, 01 Feb at the start of class
Final Project due Tuesday, 08 Feb at the start of class(hand in and post it on the blog)

In the envelope
> At least eight thumbnails of different wordmark designs
> At least eight thumbnails of different resume layouts
> Your rationale
> Three printouts of earlier versions
> The final resume

On the galaxynh server
Name files with your last name and the project; “YourlastnameResume”
(no spaces)
> A PDF version of your final InDesign file

On the Blog
> A .jpg or screen shot (command + shift +4) of your final project


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